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Title Page for a Term Paper

Written by: Free Term Papers

The title page for a term paper is one of the most straightforward components of a term paper. Students may format the title pages for term papers far in advance of the completion of their papers, although they may want to leave a blank space for the title until they have finished writing the body of the paper.

The purpose of a title page for a term paper is to convey the paper's identifying information. In order to find out what exactly the title page should contain, students should consult their style manuals; title pages for term papers will differ depending on the writing style that the students use, such as APA style or Chicago style. Some style manuals or some university departments may even omit the title page and simply require that the student include all identifying information at the top of the first page.

Generally, a title page for a term paper contains the title of the paper, the student's name, the professor's name, the course for which the student has written the paper, and the date. The student structures this information differently depending on what the style manual requires and/or what the instructor of the course has requested.

Once one has created a title page in a certain format, he or she may reuse that title page many times for courses that use the same format; one will only have to change the information that is different, such as the title, rather than having to create the title page from scratch. This can be a helpful hint if the style manual requires very specific spacing: once the student has correctly measured the margins and the spaces between the identifying information, he or she does not need to do it again for subsequent papers.

At times, the best way to learn how to compose a title page is to look at some examples. The student may consult the instructor of the course, the style manual, or Internet search engines in order to find some solid examples of title pages for term papers in the correct format.